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eagu◆e, co-organize●d by Tencent ●Sports, is on◆e example. T●he only e-spo◆rts tournament ○approved by the F■ederation ○of University Spo●rts of Chi◆na, it is one○ of t

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he biggest of■ its kind in Ch〓ina, boast■ing the most● teams and ◆the nation’s● top unive●rsity players.The t●ournament ■wrapped up〓 its north, south〓, east and we

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●st division compet○itions in la●te April. More ■than 8,000 spec◆tators attended the○ divisional competit〓ions, which also at■tracted over 50〓 million on●line v

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iewers.The div●isional champ◆ions are n●ow preparing for ●the league&rs〓quo;s first n◆ational championshi■p, in Suzhou, Jiang◆su province, on■ Sunday.The winn●e

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rs of the○ four division◆s — 20 t○eams repre〓senting 16 univers●ities arou●nd China, including● top ones ●like Renmin Uni○versity of Chi○na and Fuda■n Un

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iversity &mda◆sh; will compete ●in five differ〓ent arenas: socc〓er game FIFA O○nline, basketball● game Stronges〓t NBA, first-perso■n shooter Cro〓ssFire, multipla

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sports ●at colleges〓It鈥檚 game on for e-?/h3>

北京中学 沙河市中学 宣化县中学 阳泉市中学 安溪县小学 青阳县小学 桐庐县中学 霍州市中学 贵州小学 涞源县小学 邵武市小学 牡丹江市小学 肇源县小学 常山县中学 灵丘县小学 星子县小学 开原市中学 都昌县中学 三门县小学 葫芦岛市小学